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Half Price Flatrate

During the ENTIRE time of development of our “ – B2B Digital Media Shop” (the so called beta phase) you can buy with the voucher the offered video material by half the standard price, which is displayed in the shop at the respective article. The voucher is valid for EVERY purchase during the beta phase, so it can be redeemed several times (and not only at the first purchase)! There is also no quantitative limitation of the items when buying – you can purchse a video or all offered videos in the shop and get them at half the price when using the -50% beta flatrate voucher.

Before the end of the beta phase of the shop and change over to regular operation (currently planned around mid-2020), you will be informed that the voucher is valid only up to the date specified in the corresponding info. If after the end of beta phase you have not used your “Beta Phase Half Price Flatrate” voucher on any purchase in the “ – B2B Digital Media Shop”, this will be converted into a voucher corresponding to the purchase price of the voucher, which you can then redeem regular in the shop.

Please note that during beta phase the shop is only in the process of being built up and digital video and image material as well as various functions will be installed and activated gradually, so that you as owner of this special -50% beta phase flatrate voucher are a so called beta tester and that during beta phase irregularities in the use of the shop or maintenance shutdowns can occur.

The voucher is only redeemable at in our “ – B2B Digital Media Shop”!